Welcome to Circle 99 – a vibrant and inspiring community where rhythm and faith converge.

Here, our cadence in drumming serves as a powerful vehicle to express devotion, connect with fellow believers, and create a resonant symphony of praise. Our community is a sacred space for drummers of all skill levels who share a common love for music and an unwavering faith in Christ.

Within our digital realm, you’ll discover an array of resources tailored specifically for Christian drummers. Engage in enlightening discussions about the art of drumming as a form of worship, explore the spiritual significance of rhythm within biblical contexts, and delve into the technical aspects of drumming techniques that can elevate your playing to new heights. Our forums are a hub of shared experiences, where you can seek guidance, offer advice, and share your own journey as a Christian drummer.

Regularly scheduled live streams and virtual events provide unique opportunities to witness and participate in drumming demonstrations that beautifully intertwine musical skill with Christian values. From contemporary worship anthems to funk and linear grooves, these sessions inspire creativity and encourage you to infuse your faith into every beat.

As a member of Circle 99, you’ll also gain access to an ever expanding library of Lessons, Daily devotions, and Practice exercises designed to help you refine your skills and explore new techniques while remaining rooted in your spiritual identity. Collaborative projects and challenges enable you to connect with fellow drummers, fostering a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the virtual realm.

Join us in celebrating the rhythm of faith, where drums become an instrument of devotion and a channel for worship. Circle 99 invites you to become part of a passionate community united by the love of Christ and the universal language of music.